Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Basil Lime Soap

I had made so much soap that when I got to this batch I was just plain tired so instead of trying for a nice swirl. Which I have problems doing anyway, I just tossed it all together. But I sort of like the way it looks and may keep that look. It is made with Sweet Basil essential oil from Essential Wholesale and Lime essential oil. What a dramatic combination!


  1. Well this must be a fresh soap. LOve the smell of basil. And it is great in Italian food!

  2. Georgette its smells heavenly and the fragrance lasts a long time. I love basil too. Can you believe I ate basil ice cream at a spa in Lenox, Mass called Canyon Ranch? It was wonderful. And who can reject pesto? So what was next but soap. : )


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