Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Time, Lotion

A few weeks ago I took a lotion making class at The NY Open Center with La Shonda Tyree from Homemadesoapcoach.com It was a fabulous class and her instructions were so thorough that I was able to go home and make lotion right away. Of course I had bought most of the ingredients before hand but just didn't know how to start nor did I have any idea about preservatives.

I whipped up a 32 oz batch for my own personal use. I used sweet almond oil, Shea butter, hemp seed oil, castor oil and Optiphen as a preservative. Lime essential oil from Brambleberry and coconut fragrance oil to scent. It turned out thick, rich and creamy. I tell you it is out of this world, but before I market it for public use I will first have it tested at a lab.


  1. It looks great :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE making lotion the best! Yours came out looking fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the comments Ladies. I just love how creamy & rich it is and feels on my skin. I hope I can duplicate the same on my next batch.

  3. Did the shea butter keep its consistency? I've had trouble with it going grainy in some of my lotion bars.

  4. Hi May,
    yes it did. The trick is to melt all the oils together except the shea butter. Then crumble the shea butter little by little into the hot oils after you take them off the stove. The hot oils will melt the shea butter. Works great in all my shea butter applications.

  5. Alright, that's a good tip! I appreciate your sharing. I love the blog community! :o)


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