Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Egg Shampoo Soap Bar

My soapmaking group, Brooklyn CP Soapmakers, will be meeting on January 17 to watch a demonstration on how to make soap using whole eggs. I had never made this soap so decided that I would give it a test run before hand. It actually turned out pretty good.

I got the inspiration from the Yolk recipe in Merilyn Mohr's book The Art Of Soapmaking but tailored it to my own ingredients. This recipe has no colorants and gets those green specks from the herb horsetail. It's fragranced with a free sample of Moroccan Mint I received from Brambleberry.


  1. I read somewhere that preservative is needed if egg is included in the soap. Any preservative in these soaps?

  2. I see that you're a soapmaker so you know that properly made, fully saponified soaps don't need preservatives but if superfatted or contain fruits, etc. may need an anti-oxidant to prolong their shelf life. In following Merilyn Mohr's directions I found that she used no preservatives but suggested using wheat germ or vitamin E for anti-oxidant purposes. Personally I would have used grapefruit seed extract. The reason I didn't is because the egg I used contained 5 grams of fat which didn't cause my soap to be too heavily superfatted. As for the other properties in the egg they were "cooked" in the soap during the saponification process and no longer considerated raw. I am, however, taking my egg soap to The Handcrafted Soap Guild Conference in Palm Springs, Ca. this May and presenting it to The Expert Panel for discussion and evaluation before putting it on the market for sale. That was a great question and was one of the things I considered while doing my research for the egg soap.

  3. What did the panel say at the conference? I've heard great things about soaps using egg, or egg whites.

  4. I never seen this king of soap bar before,but base on this blog i like to try this coz it looks so good smell soap.lol!


  5. It's a wonderful soap and I still have a few bars left. It makes my hair so silky soft.


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