Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beer Soap, Anyone?

Who would ever think of making soap using beer in place of water? I would, of course, and several other soapmakers that I know of. The trick is to let the beer go absolutely flat. I have used it as a shampoo bar for my hair.

I didn't use any colorant or fragrance because I wanted the true aroma to shine through. After curing there was a slight pleasant herb smell. I'm guessing maybe hops. I used Guinness and got this beautiful golden color but I'm sure any beer can be used.


  1. Hi Dear Daisy,
    This lovely beersoap is greatly succeeded! Herbs are nice and lovely lather huh?
    Guiness is ok, but to nice for a batch, next time use simply supermarket beer ok?
    Nice weekend, al my love
    and also from little maltese Gioia

  2. Will definitely use your advice about the less expensive beer Georgette. It brings to mind my husband's face when I used his good expensive imported rum to make a rumcake. Hey what do I know I don't drink.

  3. Hey May. It's definitely something to fall in love with. I made it for my hair but it makes a darn good bath soap.


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