Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soap Filled Loofah Sponges

Just before Christmas Brooklyn CP Soapmakers' soap project was how to make soap filled loofah sponges. This is a result of how the sponges turned out. A fresh smelling wintery fragrance was needed so we used Spruce Essential Oil from Essential Wholesale.


  1. I've seen this done with MP soap, but this is the first I've seen with CP! They are beautiful!! Great job!

  2. Thanks Aunee. It's probably done the same way as M & P but yes this is CP all the way.

  3. Hi dearest Daisy,
    Well, I love the colours you used :)And Loofah is great to work with, don't you Think?
    And we love the scrubbing part of it, just to lose some weight hahaha :)
    lots of love
    Georgette and Gioia


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